Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lets talks about brows...

A new addition to my collection, that I could no longer live without...

I am obsessed. 
I started filling in my eye-brows maybe 2 years ago, but I just used to use a brown powder shadow with a brow brush, which I must admit now was not the best of looks. I've tried so many products and 'brow kits' but I've always reverted back to a good old trusty eyebrow pencil. 
I'm a big fan of L'Oreal Superliner Brow Artist (which they have only recently changed the packaging for. But just as mine was coming to the end, my sister took me on a trip to the Dior counter where she works as she was getting her full make-up done before a night out. This was where I fell in love. Dior are a brand I'm only recently familiar with, I got their Skin Star foundation for Christmas (and I've never looked back!) But I knew I needed more, and my sister treated me to the powder brow pencil.(Thanks sis!)

I will admit that I don't have my eyebrows waxed or threaded, I simply pluck the few stray hairs, as I prefer a fuller brow look, which I know some people absolutely hate. I then take the pencil through my eyebrows, but I tend to use the side of the pencil so I don't get any harsh lines. The fact that the pencil is a powder is amazing as this means that the product transfers so easily, and you can also apply the product with an angled brow brush, by rubbing the brush along the pencil and then taking that across your brows. 

What is your go-to brow product? 

Lots of love, 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Beauty | The perfect base

I have ventured into the world of high end foundations, and I can't see me leaving this beauty behind any time soon. 

My sister has been working at Selfridges, and before Christmas I was dying for a new foundation, absolutely everything was drying out my usually oily skin. Which was really strange for me, but I am putting it down to the terrible winter weather. I begged my sister to tell me which foundation I should buy, and she recommended a million and one.. But she had been working on the Dior counter, and said that their Diorskin Star Foundation was worth the money.. 

I toddled off to Selfridges, and got a full face of foundation done, miles better than a shoddy colour match on the side of your jaw like I've had at other beauty counters. The woman applied the foundation with a beauty sponge, which is very reasonably priced at Dior (cheaper than the Beauty Blender). The foundation feels so lightweight and settles beautifully on the skin. And the coverage can be built to quite a high coverage, it covers my redness and blemishes really easily. It honestly doesn't feel like you're wearing foundation at all.. It has a finish that isn't matte or dewy, I find that a slight brush of powder finishes and sets the foundation perfectly.

What's your favourite high end base? Will you be heading to Dior anytime soon.. 

Ally xxx

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hello again

I have been absent for far too long, in fact I've blogged on and off. But I think it's time to get my life sorted and actually start thinking about my future. I'm a journalism student, and I haven't even been blogging.. Like, I think I need to think much more seriously, especially considering I'm in my second year and starting looking for placements! 

The dream is way too big, and the further into my degree I get the more I panic about my choices after uni. I would love more than anything to get a job as a journalist at a fashion or beauty magazine.. But I know more than anything that getting there is virtually impossible. I need to get as much practice writing as I can! I've just finished 3 exams at uni, two of which were NCTJ exams, which is a hell of a lot of work! People seem to have this negative view of journalism courses, they're not academic enough or whatever, but believe me a 2 and a half hour law exam is nothing to smile about! Hoping I smashed it! As I've just finished my fashion module, and my modules now are in news writing, public affairs and journalism and pr studies, I thought it would take the chance to get back into writing about what I want to write about.. 

And that's fashion, beauty and lifestyle.. So expect make-up posts, rants about student life, work load and the odd outfit posts. 

Lots of love xxx

Monday, 16 June 2014

Everyday Make-up Favourites

Hey guys, it's been a while. But I thought I would do a quick post on my everyday makeup favourites. I've just got back from uni and decided to have a huge makeup clear out. And these babies seemed to remain as my favourites that I keep returning to more or less everyday. 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 115
This is a relatively new addition to my make up bag, but a product that I did purchase when it first came out, so decided to give it another go after falling slightly out of love with my Healthy Mix foundation. I prefer budget foundations for everyday use, as I seem to go through foundation incredibly fast. I apply this with my Real Techniques pointed foundation brush, and blend with the buffing brush. I feel as though I could've gone a shade lighter in this foundation though. 

Maybelline Matte Maker in 10 Classic Ivory 
I bought this on a whim on a trip to Boots, whenever they have 3 for 2 offers on I always try and pick a product I know I love, but then chose something I've not had before to give it a try. As my usual Rimmel Stay Matte had ran out I thought I'd give this a try. I am so glad I did, I always chose a light colour in powders, and this is perfect over my slightly darker shade of Fit Me foundation. It gives the perfect Matte finish without looking too cakey like a lot of powders can. This may just be one of those items I repurchase.
NARS Melusine Eyeshadow Duo 
You're probably thinking, how the hell can purple eye shadow suit everyday use, but this is the perfect colour. The first shade is a gorgeous silvery lilac which opens and emphasises the eye, which looks perfect with a sleek cat flick of eyeliner (eyeko is my fave at the moment). I often use the darker shade of purple with a blending shadow brush just in the outer corner of my eye. 

Benefit High Beam 
I received this as a present off my sister for my birthday, after reading rave reviews about how amazing this product was, I decided to invest. At first, I wasn't as impressed, I love a bit of budget beauty and I couldn't see whether it was worth the price tag. I mean, my ELF highlighter was almost as good. But with practice I am a total convert. I tend to use it just on my brow bone, and on my cheek bone if I have applied bronzer in order to contour my face. The pinky colours give a really healthy glow. 
Bourjois Blush in 95 Rose de Jaspe
You know when you buy a product, bring it home and think, what the hell did I buy that for? Well yea, that was me after picking up this whilst buying a Bourjois foundation. I actually think it was free if I spent £12 or something, but I could have chosen an eye shadow. I immediately regretted not choosing the eye shadow, as I have never been a massive blush person. (That's a lie in year seven I walked around with two pink strips on my cheeks - a thought that has haunted me ever since.) I thought it was too pink of a blush, but when applied properly (not with the crappy brush you get given) it looks really nice on the apples of the cheeks.

Bourjois Waterproof Volume Clubbing Mascara in Black Party
I've had a few bourjois mascaras, so when it came to a family holiday this easter I thought I would purchase a waterproof one, in case I wanted to wear it during the day whilst swimmig etc. This mascara is really lovely, it lengthens, blackens, volumises and thickens lashes. It says it is sweat and party proof - and was tested at foam parties.. winner! I have a new love for this Mascara as it does not clump or flake and will be a definite repurchase of mine.

No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Mischief
This is another new product I received off a friend for my birthday, and oh my god I love it! The light pink shade is perfect for everyday use, without looking too over the top. I am more of a light lip person anyway as I prefer a statement eye so this is a real winner. The creamy consistency really hydrates my lips.

What's in your everyday make-up routine? 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Uni Experience

I honest to god thought I was getting on top of my blog. August I was on a roll with my posts, and I really thought I was making something of it and finally fitting blogging into my life. 
But then the stress of uni hit, and my god it hit hard. I spent the two weeks before uni dreading it and not wanting to go at all. Then I got here and the second day I spent in bed hungover crying because I missed home that much. 
But now, 6 weeks in I am so glad I moved away. It sucks being 3 and a half hours from home at times, I've been home once - not because I wanted to but because my dear nana was taken into hospital. But I wouldn't change my choice for the world. I know that staying at home is for some people, but it 100% is not for me. I love the independence of living on my own, and I have some of the best flatmates. I've made friends on my course and I'm proud that I moved here knowing absolutely no one and I now have a handful of genuinely good friends. 
The reason why I chose to come here was for my course; Magazine Journalism. If anyone wants to go into the journalism world, then Sunderland is one of the best places for that, as you get NCTJ exams included in your course fees which are one of the main things employers look for  in graduates. It's also one of the only unis to specialise in magazines, and although so far I've mainly wrote new stories, I'm doing modules based on magazines and even a fashion journalism module which I'm far too excited to start in January.
But, obviously, it's not all work. After spending the first two weeks of freshers drunk - some pictures of this will not be put on here ha! Its quietened down, well as quiet as 50p drinks can get (I love you for that one Sunderland) 
 Here is me and my flatmate at a UV paint party.... Messy!! 

Out with the girls for Sunderland Gay Night

The view from the newsroom in the media centre on my cute university campus 
Writing my article on the train journey home to Manchester one weekend.. I always write in pink. 

32 inch pizza, it was almost the size of our flats table. I almost chundered after even sharing it with 6 people

Who says students can't cook?! My Sunday roast I made in the flat

So that's just a little update from the last few weeks, and I will try to get some posts up soon, it's hard to find time to even do my uni work living here!! 

Hope you're all well, and has anyone else just started uni? 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Presents & Latest buys..

Okay so as promised, I thought I would show you the things my mum and dad brought me home from Tenerife. I also could not resist showing you my latest buys!! So after they lied to me and told me they had found nothing I would like in Zara (I knew that could not possibly be true!!) I was lay in bed after having opened my other presents - which I will get to later, and then in appears my mum with a HUGE Zara bag, and inside was my beautiful new shopper. It's from the Trafaluc collection, and I absolutely adore it and it will be perfect for my long 4 hour journeys home from Uni when I want to come home to visit my fam! (Arrrr still can't believe I'm moving!) 
They also bought me these two fabulous tops - which are so casual and will be perfect for when I'm only going into uni for an hour or so, one has an owl printed onto the front, which is an oversized vest style. The owl has what I describe as an aztec print going on; if that is even possible for an owl?! Hahaha somethings make much more sense in my head! I then also got the black studded top which is quite thick - so will be ideal in Autumn! Is it just me that cannot wait to get all the wintery clothes back? I love summer but I can't wait to layer and stick on my uggs! The tops are both from Springfields which is a shop I absolutely adore in Tenerife!!

Okay, so Tenerife aside. It's making me quite sad that I didn't get to go hahaa! I then took a trip to H&M, and I found this bowler hat! Now, I know for sure they sold the bowler hats in H&M about a year or so ago, and then I never seemed to be able to find one, so as soon as I walked into my tiny local H&M and spotted this I had to have it!! At £7.99 I didn't even care that I'm not exactly a "hat person", I just fell in love. And it actually doesn't look that bad on!! BONUS. I also picked up these H&M leggings! Now, whenever I need new leggings these are the only ones I will literally buy, and often they only have the £5.99 ones in which I refuse to purchase! H&M £7.99 Leggings are the best leggings in the world!!! They're just so thick! I love it, like I can wear them with a top and not feel like an inappropriate amount of bum is on show! Fab. 

What are your recent buys, and do you have anything you could not live without?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

What a week...

Okay, so this week has been quite a big week for me!! So I thought I would share with you some photgraphs from the past few days!! For starters, I got into Sunderland University!!!!!!!! I was actually really happy, and so surprised!! After the state I was in taking my exams, I am glad to say all my work and stressing has finally payed off and I am finally studying something which I want to do!! Magazine Journalism!! EEEEEEK SCARY HUH?
So the first image is my confirmation, which was beyond scary logging into UCAS to see whether I had been accepted before I had even collected my results!!! I then found my freshers line up!! Which is quite good considering that Sunderland is not a hugggge city!! I am quite excited to watch LoveableRogues to be fair!
I then went out to celebrate, which explains the embarassing selfie and the drunk taxi pictures, believe it or not that was the way there, and I already look wasted, I'm never usually that bad but I honest to god remember none of the night but apparently I was lay on the floor of the dancefloor kissing my friends cousin, stay classy Alice stay classy. 
I then got a new pandora charm, a cute little camera! Which I think represents the next step in my life as a journalist! I got so spoilt by my family for my results,